The Conversational Experience in Google Ads

Google recently started Beta testing conversational experience in Google ads and we have thoughts. You can read more details about Conversational Experience here. We’ve all been planning and preparing for the move to include more AI-powered tools but we need to have an honest discussion with ourselves on the way we are using this new technology. Are we using these new options as another tool in our belt or are you using it to fully and autonomously create campaigns and ads?

With the new conversational experience in Google ads, they are utilizing the website copy and AI to generate headlines and keywords. To me, this is really nothing new and no different than the suggested headline options we have been given in the past. Additionally, the new layout for ad creation just looks like a fancier version of what we are used to. In industries such as medicine, we cannot and do not allow Google to control the copy because, like many clients in sensitive fields, a copy must be approved by a legal team. AI cannot be that legal team.

I get it, we are all excited about something new. But, new isn’t always better. No one will know your brand better than you and no matter how much we teach AI, can it really duplicate your brand voice as well as an experienced copywriter? Machine learning succeeds because of human touch. We allow the system to learn and suggest and then we get into the campaigns and make the necessary changes to the campaigns to reflect the voice of the brand and ensure that the messaging and objectives match the client’s objectives.

It may sound like I am completely against innovation but I’m not at all. This industry has always and will always change and innovate every few months and it’s just something we learn to roll with. I want agencies and others in our industry to take a moment to think about the implications of the changes we are trying to make and go in with a well-thought-out plan on how we move the industry forward with innovation while not actively stifling creativity by relying too much on AI to do the work for us. 

We will see how well this opinion ages as Google is testing more AI options. It could turn out to be amazing but only time will tell. For now, this marketer is going to continue to utilize the technology and hands-on approach that focuses on ensuring the brand voice and set goals are prominent in all our ads. 

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