How X-citing

I’m not sure if it counts as dying if it’s just changing its identity and possibly its features, but Twitter will be coming to an end soon if owner Elon Musk has anything to say about it. He announced on Twitter recently that the name would be changed from Twitter with the highly recognizable bird to “X” with a black and white color theme. 

With so many recent changes to the Twitter platform and all the speculation about will it or won’t it survive its new CEO, it feels like we are finally coming to a make-or-break point. While the update to the checkmark system seems to have fallen flat, Musk is apparently trying to make “X” an “everything app” as he tries to integrate the app into the lives of its users. 

To create the new look, Musk sent out polls for Twitter users to participate in the brand redo. From logo design to color options, this design and refresh has been voted on by its users. This could be a good or bad thing, looking at you Boaty McBoatface. But the new look is sleek and very different from the loveable and playful Twitter bird of the past. 

Details on how this new X app will be different from Twitter or what updates will be coming down the pipeline aren’t clear yet but it seems we need to figure out how to make the letter X a verb now. Until we know more, we’ll keep an eye on developments, this writer is taking her X-it. I don’t know guys, we’ll work on the lingo. 

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