Assign Agency Partners in Meta Business Manager

Something our clients, especially new clients, run into a lot is who has access to their pages and, more importantly, who should have which type of access. The most important thing to have on every account you own is two-step verification. It’s easy to set up and can save you a lot of headaches if someone else tries to gain access to your accounts.

First things first, you want to be sure you have at least two Super Admins on any account at all times. This is important in case one person gets locked out, then the other admin can still access the account and get things sorted out. A business manager admin has the ability to view and change business manager settings, add employees, assign assets and manage asset permissions. The only people who should have this type of access are your senior employees and people you know and trust. 

Super admin access could be an option to give to an agency admin if you need help getting things set up or aren’t fully comfortable making changes inside the accounts yourself. It is optional because it depends on your comfort level using the platform and making the necessary changes.

Business Employee level is great for employees working in the platform on accounts but who don’t need the ability to change business manager settings or add assets. These employees will rely on Business Admins to set up permissions. 

On the agency side, you can give Business Manager Admin status or Business Manager Employee status. According to Facebook, the new Facebook Marketing Partners program for Agencies uses your Business Manager permissions to allow visibility into the program and its benefits. Based on your Business Manager permission, you can have access to the program, the progress tracker, reports and other benefits and services.

If you aren’t sure who has access to your page, who owns your assets or how to find these things out, we’d be happy to help you dig into it and find out! 

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