Digital Advertising AI

If you’re in or around the marketing industry at all these days, it may seem like all we hear about is AI. From the Google Marketing Live event this year to the Meta Advantage Suite and AI Sandbox, most ad platforms are trying to make advertising more accessible to people with things like text generation and image manipulations. 

TLDR; get onboard with AI or get left behind. 

Let’s break down some of the AI features coming soon that digital marketers will have as an option to build ads. Reps from Google and Meta have been harping on marketers to input more variables for ads for awhile and now we’re seeing why.

Text creation for ads is something most platforms have either been testing or in some cases automatically opting you into for the last year, looking at you Facebook Ads. The ads platforms will either crawl your website looking for text it thinks should be featured in your ads or you can feed it text and it will give you different variations to test. Even as I’m typing this in my Google Doc, predictive text is trying to help me write a better blog. 

Background manipulation is another exciting feature coming soon especially for consumer packaged goods. Using this feature is an easy way for advertisers to get seemingly different images for their products to match a season or feeling for different times and audiences. With background manipulation, you upload an image of your product and then tell the AI creator what you want the background to look like and it will give you multiple options to choose from to create a more unique ad experience for your potential customers.

Finally, AI is showing up in the algorithm placements where your ads are being shown. Things like Meta’s Advantage+ option take in the information you put in about your audience as suggestions instead of hard constraints to allow the algorithm to find more people outside of those suggestions they think will be interested and likely to convert. This could be a helpful tool for those that have wiggle room in your audience but for some with minimum age requirements or legal restrictions, this option could be a disaster if not opted out of.

While many people in the industry are crying AI will cut marketing jobs, we think just like with any new tool, it’s all in how you use it strategically to your advantage. In most instances we have tested with these tools, they just provide a starting point but still need a human touch for quality control and strategy. 

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