New Instagram Links In Bio

Meta announced they will finally be making a change that people have been requesting since what seems like the very beginning. You will now be able to add up to 5 links to your business Instagram bio. The biggest question now is, is this update a little too late for the platform?

There are definitely a lot of people celebrating this new update to Instagram bios. For many, this will be an easier way to direct people to pages and other landing spaces to further engage with their brand. Whether it be to a blog, a store, or a newsletter, there are so many ways brands want to connect with their customers. Every brand wants the entry point to each of these connections to be as easy and seamless as possible and these new links directly in your Instagram bio could provide just that. One less click and one less platform to manage is a huge pro for this recent change.

On the other hand, people have already had to build a strategy for this workaround for so long that an entire industry is dedicated just to this one Instagram blip. Platforms like provide a one-stop shop for housing all the links you want your loyal customers to use. While Instagram is seemingly new to this arena, the giants in the industry have already perfected a way for brands to build connections with their users in spite of the limitations of the Instagram platform.

The big question everyone should be asking in this time of Meta nickel and diming brands is just how long will this offering actually be free? Will this go the way of the blue check and be offered for free only to be made into a paid subscription later? 

Third-party platforms that house links for your bio are likely perking up right now but I’m sure it won’t be long until they fire back with their own updates. With all that’s happening in the industry, third-party apps may have the upper hand here as the platforms themselves struggle to stay relevant for new generations.

Will you make the switch? What if it costs money to do so?

If you’re not sure what’s best for your brand, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us for a consultation and let our team help you decide what works best for your business. 

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