Meta Conversions API Quality Check

The Meta Conversions API is a way to connect your marketing data from a server, website, app or CRM to Meta. Using this connection can help you personalize and optimize your ads by showing them to an audience that is most likely to find your information relevant.

Once your Conversions API is set up, there are a few steps to take to check the quality of your connection to be sure you are getting the most out of your data.

Event Match Quality shows how effective your events are. You can match events to people who are most likely to take the action you care about on your ad. The better quality you have means events will be more likely to convert and lower your cost per result. Your EMQ is based on the quality of your ads in comparison to other marketing campaigns in your region using the same type of event.

Next you will want to make sure you have a redundant setup using the Conversions API and the Meta Pixel to share the same events across both tools. Both of these have unique benefits and share different things like some website events or other offline events. Using both and sharing more events will increase your data and make your ads resilient to the ever changing digital marketing industry. To be sure you have redundant events set up in your Events Manager, be sure you are seeing browser events (Pixel) and server events (Conversions API) in your Events Breakdown.

Deduplication ensures you keep only one of the redundant events being sent from the Pixel and the Conversions API. If you do not deduplicate, some of your data like purchases could be shown twice, skewing your data. You can do this in the deduplication tab and you want to do this for all events to be sure your data is as clean as possible.

Data Freshness means sharing your events in real time or as close as possible. This is helpful so you can be sure the ads you have running are as efficient as you can get them. If there is a delay in your data, you could be wasting ad money on an audience or event that isn’t working for you. You can check your Data Freshness in Events Manager.

Check your Event Match Quality score in Meta Events Manager to see if your ads could use a bump. Our team can help you set up Conversions API and Pixels, prioritize your customer information for best results, and help you measure those results to prove your ads are converting. Reach out today to get started!

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