Let’s Discuss Marketing During the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to plague the world, many brands are trying to figure out how to function in our New Normal. There are a lot of uncertainties and what if questions flying around and while everyone has their opinions and hopes, these may not be the best questions to ask at this point. Now that we’ve been in social distancing mode for around a month with no solid end date in sight, the question should be how do we thrive in this New Normal.

The New Normal looks different for just about everyone depending on how much you embraced technology before. I don’t think I’ve seen two brands handling this event the same way but I’ve seen a lot of success with some of the quick thinking and agile brands. Below are some things to think about as you push forward.

  1. You’re going to make mistakes. We’re in uncharted territory, no one has a playbook for this. It’s ok to try something new and have it fall flat. The key is to pivot and quickly tweak your process on the fly. 
  2. Listen to every idea in the virtual room. At this point and in this particular situation, experience is not the most important voice in the Zoom meeting. Take your most experienced people and have them work out the logistics for that seemingly crazy idea the new girl just threw out. Now is the time to test and analyze and then test some more.
  3. Not every idea that is thrown out to the group is a good one. And that’s ok. Be selective with the ideas you try, whether it’s a new platform, a new demographic, or a new way to get people your product from home, try one or two things at a time so you will know which thing is working.
  4. Fill a need. Blasting your message just like you used to is probably not the way your customers are going to resonate with you at this time. Everyone is in some form of a survival mode from parents becoming teachers, teachers teaching online, everyone figuring out how to work a video meeting, it’s probably rough for your customers just getting through each day. Right now, your message needs to tell your customers how you are helping them. You need to make their life easier and tell them how you do it.
  5. Don’t ignore the obvious. Everyone is affected by this virus and ignoring it and moving forward with a business as usual attitude could be a missed opportunity at best and a detriment to your business at its worst. 

If you’re at a loss on how to move forward or need some new minds to brainstorm with, reach out to Digital Story, we’d love to help! Let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee and discuss your marketing needs and what you’re binge watching during this social distancing!

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