5 Tips for a Better Digital Strategy

If you’re not constantly questioning your advertising strategy, there is a good chance you’re being left behind. That’s not to say you need to constantly be changing strategies, but as technology continues to find more ways to personalize an ad experience for consumers, you may find yourself wondering if your brand’s advertising strategy is outdated.

If this sounds like your inner monologue, you’re not alone. Many of our clients are continually asking us “what’s next?” or “what else can we be doing?” And I’ll be honest, we LOVE these questions! 

Some of you might be reading this and worry that your strategy only goes out a few months but as this industry continues to expand and develop, you might actually be ahead of the curve. While planning ahead is extremely important, you should be leaving room in your strategy for new testing. Whether you’re testing out a new platform or just experimenting with different ad types or creative, it’s important to continue A/B testing your ads and changing things up to ensure your brand is continually pressing forward and driving toward your goals.

Annual planning processes will only be effective if they have the ability to change rapidly as new trends emerge. This is especially true with the constant news cycle and endless scrolling your audience is doing. Below are a few simple tips to get your next strategy session rolling.

  1. Set the hard dates. Every company has peaks and valleys. Figure out when your brand needs an extra boost in a lull or could more effectively use those ad dollars during a high traffic time. These times are a great place to start building your calendar.
  2. Evaluate your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your purchaser to figure out why, how and when they buy from you. Find out what kinds of imagery and messaging stands out to them. Caution: Everyone loves a photo of a puppy but if that puppy doesn’t fit your brand message, don’t use it. You’re welcome.
  3. Set a quantitative goal. There is no way you will be able to prove to anyone that your strategy worked if you have no goal in mind. Decide what success for each campaign looks like from a purchase goal to an awareness impressions goal, just make sure you have something you’re working toward.
  4. Measure your success. Once you set your goal, be sure you can prove you hit it. While in some cases, more data is best, keep in mind that just because you can pull that information, doesn’t mean it will help you. Find the information points that best represent your goal and track, track, track.
  5. Analyze and adjust. As your data starts pouring in, you will hopefully start to see trends. Don’t jump the gun after one day of information, give your work time to resonate and marinate. This is when A/B testing could come in to play and help you better serve your strategy by putting different ideas head to head. 

If you’re looking for a strategy overhaul in 2020, using these tips could get you back on the right track. Our team at Digital Story is also happy to sit down and discuss a brand strategy specific to you and your unique audience. Connect with us today, we’d love to grab a cup of coffee with you!

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