Welcome to Digital Story Agency

The Digital Story Agency is a woman-owned digital marketing agency pushing the boundaries with new ideas and a creative instinct driven by over 30 years of experience. In this blog, we will discuss and share our opinions on industry news, amazing campaigns from us and those we admire, as well as some helpful tips and tricks for small business owners looking for a bit more knowledge in our space!

But first, a little about the team you’ll be hearing from starting with our fearless leader, Heather Story! Heather is the Story behind Digital Story. She started this adventure because of a love for the digital nomad lifestyle and a passion to explore and understand other people, cultures, and ideals. Helping others grow their business and fuel their passion drives her to work hard for each client. Ask her about her favorite pair of shoes, the brand of whiskey she’s been sipping on lately or her next travel itinerary.

Next up is our leading lady in PPC, Tori Holland! Tori is the advertising strategy mind at Digital Story. She got involved here because of her love for growing a community and supporting local, female owned/supported businesses enriching their neighborhoods. Ask her about her latest art project, her cat Pierre or the book she’s currently reading.

Finally, our social media and content machine, Tiffany Michaelis! Tiffany is the content engine at Digital Story. She signed on to make a difference in a local and global community by using her skills and passion for small businesses and underdogs. Ask her about her favorite craft beer, her nerdy #bookstagram account or the delicious hot beverage in her hand at all times.

Between these three, there isn’t much in the industry we haven’t seen. Follow along to learn, feel free to ask questions, and most importantly, let us know if you’re in need of our expertise!

Click here to send us a request or email us at hello@digitalstoryagency.com!


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